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Citation Bravo

7 Passenger Private Jet

Citation Bravo / 550 is in the light jet class with its 7 passengers / people capacity. Its outstanding voice blocking capacity creates a perfect environment for your business meetings during the flight. The ability of Citation Bravo to take off in 3000 feet airfields, creates more opportunities for your airport options. Thanks to communication technologies within this jet you can use it as your office in the air. With its PW530A jet engines it can reach to 430 mph of speed that presents the best gift to the busy business men, the time that they can use efficiently.

Citation Bravo / 550 with its 7 Passenger Capacity

There are a couple of 73 feetcube volume luggage sections. One can fit 7 luggages, 4 golf bags and a couple of skiing gears into this area. There are sections to put your jackets and personal belongings right next to the cabin toilets and there are some drawers beneath your seats.

Citation Bravo makes the passengers experience a comfortable flight with its spacious cabin, fully equiped toilets, hot and cold beverage areas, and mini bar.

Citation Bravo: The first address of unique journeys

Are you ready to have a matchless experience of journey with Plures Air's private jet Citation Bravo? Plures Air's experiences flight and cabin crews will be serving you to satisfy all your requests once you charter your Citation Bravo.

Citation Bravo is at your service 7/24 for the fast, safe and comfortable trips for business purposes, vacation activities and emergency situations.

If you are among the ones who does not want to have an ordinary trip or lose time at the airports unncessecarily, charter the private jet Citation Bravo from Plures Air and get the special service you deserve during your flight to any destination you choose!

Passenger Capacity: It can carry 7 passengers.

If you would like to charter a light jet, you can reach to the high quality and performance at the same time by Citation Bravo in the fleet of Plures Air. For more speed and comfort Cessna's Citation Bravo is at your service with its satisfactory properties and the assurance of Plures Air.