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Antonov 12

Cargo Aircraft Charter Antonov 12

Antonov 12 is a kind of medium scaled cargo/shipping aircraft by Russia. The turboprop aircraft with 4 motors has a military version called Antonov An-10 and various other versions. Antonov 12, used to be designed for military shipping originally, was used pretty much in Afghanistan between 1979 – 1989 thanks to its endurance to extraordinary war conditions and its competencies enough to be used in the paved airports between high mountains. The control and operation easiness in its design make Antonov 12's global mark. Antonov 12 that flied in 1957 for the first time has been developed by more than 30 modifications since then.

Charter of Cargo Aircraft for 20 – 22 Tons of Loads / Antonov 12

Plures Air carries all of your cargos safely with Antonov 12 cargo aircraft. Even the valued and hazardous ones!

Your Cargos are Safe with Antonov 12!

Antonov 12 cargo aircraft delivers all the cargos without any damage whether it is close or distant range in accordance with the principle of "smooth shipping". Plures Air is at your service even in the probably problematic regions. You can send your posts to the other corner of the World without hesitation with Antony 12 cargo aircraft.

Whatever the content is, you can take the advantage of Antonov 12 cargo aircraft chartering service of Plures Air for all the cargos supposed to be carried safely and delivered on time. Contact and send your cargo safely.

Cargo Cabin Sizes: 13.5 m x 2.6 m x 3.5 m (122.9 m³)

You can contact with Plures Air 7/24 in order to charter or to be informed of Antonov 12 preferred especially for close range Cargo transport and able to carry 20-22 tons of loads.