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Private Jet Charter Morocco

20 Years of Experience


Our company has Moroccan private jet charter service for 7 days 24 hours. You can send us your wishes for international or national flights. Since the day the airplanes were invented many plane models and airplane companies have been active up until today. Traveling with airplanes which is the safest and fastest way of transportation vehicle, can become boring and weary because of the intense waiting sequences, procedural periods and detailed body search. In today's world, the perception of trips which are fast and less stressful made private airplane charter companies a must. Today, having a fast and comfortable flight experience far from the cost and responsibilities caused by having a personal airplane can be provided easily by Moroccan private jet charter services.


Morocco that is located on the edge of northwest side of African continent is surrounded by Mediterranean Sea - Spain on north, Atlas Ocean on west, and Mauretania and West Sahara on south. It is a colorful country, and separated from its northern neighbor Spain by Gibraltar Bay. In some sources, it is mentioned as "Al-Mamlaka Al-MAgribiya" or "El Magrip". This means "the biggest place in west".

Its surface is 458.750 km², and it has a population of approximately 35 million. Even though Morocco's capital is Rabat, its biggest city Casablanca draws much more attention in terms of tourists. Its official language is Arabic, and since the city was under colony of French for long years almost every Moroccan can speak French and English extremely well. Even in government offices French is more common. Actually the Arabic that Moroccan use is a little different than the other Arab countries. That's why Fas Arabic was named as "Darija". We had mentioned that Morocco is a colorful country. This situation will first confront you in the language. Barbary population that lives in the country has its special language they named as Sheluh or Shelha. While this language is valid for southern Barbarians, northern Barbarians use a language called Tamazigt. %99 of the population is Muslim, and Morocco's regime is Constitutional Monarchy.

Even though it is located in Africa, Morocco is a country that tries to isolate itself from Africa, and tries to have a more European style. Even that it is the only country that is not a member of African Union. Another reason of this situation is the problem that it has in West Sahara. Moroccan government claimed that the whole West Sahara is within the borders of Morocco, but the other countries of United Nations and African Nations objected it. But interestingly, Morocco has West Sahara under its control since 1975. They even got this management possibility with a movement they call "Green Walk".

Moroccans walked to West Sahara with Korans in their hands, and got the management of the Sahara.


Morocco jet plane charter service is on top of the private airplane charter services. Jet airplanes are the most popular airplane types because of their speed, safety and comfort. With Plures Air private jet charter service it is aimed to enable the passenger to save up time and complete their trips in joy without dealing with boring and intense procedures and exposed to detailed controls. With this service, you will not check-in, your luggage and your body will not be searched, you will not have to wait for your luggage; all you need to do is to be ready at the predetermined place 15 minutes before the takeoff.


Jet airplanes are known as the airplanes that use jet motors. The closes airplane model to the jet airplane was first used by a Romanian engineer Henri Coandă in 1910. For the complete emergence of jet motor, people needed to wait until 1935. With the enhancements Hans von Ohain's made on jet motor, this airplane which is faster and can go higher than all other airplanes was started to be used. Even though these airplanes which were developed by the especially principle of being fast in the wars, were continued to be used in military field, they were also used in private flights. These airplanes that can go faster than speed of sound increased their importance with the improved technology and accelerated life conditions.


Plures Air private jet charter categories are subdivided into four categories as short, medium, long and ultra-long range flights. In short ranged flights, airplanes which are also used in short and medium range trips, 5-8 passenger capacity, and can reach to 1700 mile of speed in 500 miles are used. These airplanes are known as being quiet and even though they are small in terms of internal volume, almost all of them have mini bar and toilet. They are ideal in short distances with their flight times up to 2 hours. They provide you a fast and comfortable trip. In medium ranged flights, airplanes which can fly up to four hours and reach 2000 miles of speed in 430 sea miles are used. The capacity of these planes changes between 8 and 10 passengers. These airplanes can also go to the airports in which large scaled commercial flights are not allowed. These airplanes which have a small kitchen and additionally sound and video tools, offer a non-standard comfort. Personal television monitors can also be provided for these airplanes.

In long ranged flights, airplanes which are designed medium and long range flights, and can reach to 5000 miles of speed in 450 sea miles. These airplanes are one step forward in terms of comfort. Their baggage capacity and the size of the seats are bigger than the other airplanes. These airplanes are; Avro Business Jet, Dornier Executive, Gulstream G3, Falcon 50/50EX, Legacy 650, Challenger 601, Gulfsream G650, Cessna Citiation Longitude, Falcon 7X, Hawker 400. These types satisfy the changing needs of long and short range flights, and passenger capacity between 8 and 25 people.

For Ultra ranged flights, airplanes that can fly cross-continental are used. These airplanes that can reach up to 500-600 miles of speed per hour are also ultra-luxurious in terms of their interior design. These airplanes with capacity of 16 passengers can fly non-stop for 12 hours. They also include dinner section which can also be used as a conference room. You will feel yourself in a palace with these airplanes which will make you feel the peak of luxury.


Safety is the most important feature of aerial transportation. Airplanes are on top of the list of safe transportation. As Plures Air, we are aware that your safety is our priority. Our airplanes which are maintained regularly are used by our expert pilots that have at least 3500 hours of flight experience and have all the necessary certifications. While Plures Air applies all the necessary conditions that Private Aviation authority provides, it also goes beyond these conditions in terms of safety and security program. All of our jets have all the certifications as well as they are insured.

The only thing you, our passengers need to do is enjoying the flight planned for you with the Plures Air Morocco private jet charter service.


Plures Air is at your service 24/7 for Morocco based private jet charter service. We are a distinguished company that offers private jet, air ambulance, and cargo/passenger airplane charter services worldwide.
Air Ambulance Morocco
Air Ambulance Morocco service includes air ambulances that can be used for fast and effective transportations between long distances in case of medical emergencies and patient transfers. Our firm transports patients from one point to the other in a fast way with private jets equipped with medical equipment. Air Ambulance Morocco service which is called air ambulance are the planes that are used for medical emergencies.
Private Jet Charter Morocco
We offer you services with planes that have different person capacity and features on your Morocco based private jet charter demands. You can charter any of the private jets that have different person capacities such as 2, 4, 8, 10, 15 or 50 people.
We make your private jet ready to take off in as short time as 2 to 4 hours for your travel to Morocco or from Morocco to other countries. You can call our mobile support line for prices and for starting charter processes anytime you wish.

We are here to our services you need in the fastest and most reliable manner.

20 Years of Experience