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20 Years of Experience

As Plures Air family, we present solutions in packages to the companies and individuals. We serve our customers in various ways including flight reservation, private jet charter, air ambulance and visa proceeding. It is our main principle to find the most proper solution for your problem in the shortest time within our company when you are in a tough situation or in case of emergency.

Private Jet Charter

In emergencies or planned trips, enjoy your flights with Plures Air airplane charter service whenever you want. You can utilize our private airplane charter service individually as well as a group during collective business trips and sports organizations.

Air Ambulance Charter

You can use our air ambulance service which is approved by ministry of health during 7 days 24 hours. In our full-fledged air ambulances, our experienced, cheerful and professional health team accompanies you.

As Plures Air, we are at your service with organ and tissue transplantations as well. The proper organ is taken from its location and delivered to the transplantation center studiously.

Air Cargo Transportation

We have air cargo transportation service for your international shipments. You can send both your individual and company shipments with safest way and right on time.

Plures which is always on the customers' side with various services also transports funerals too with air transportation service.

Plures Cargo is an air cargo agency which is a member of IATA.

Airplane Ticket Sale

Imagine you need to take an unplanned plane trip. Did you run out of time and could not find a ticket? Do not panic. Plures Air is your truest solution partner for such situations. We provide you the proper plane ticket in the shortest time by contacting many exclusive flight companies that we have an agreement.

Charter Flight Service

You can buy economy tickets for the places that are not in the list of economy flights by contacting our company and getting the tickets from companies that have charter flights.

Hotel Reservation

As Plures Travel, we make your international hotel reservations according to your demands and needs. Plures Travel is an authorized trip agency certified by Türsab.

Private Trip Management

Call us for our individual or group international touristic and sportive trip tours.

Visa Services

Tell us the country you want to visit, and we will complete your visa procedures for you.

Airport VIP Services

Enjoy our VIP services in the airports your plane will take off. We take care of all process, and send you to your plane before you feel tired. Likewise we will meet you on your landing spot by making all the necessary works and take you to your home.

Airport Transfer Service

We are with you during your transfer from the airport to your hotel. As Plures Travel, we take you to your hotel with our comfortable vehicle. We organize individual or group touristic tours if you wish.

You can call our mobile support line 7/24 to get the service you wish or ask questions or you can reach our company with the communication forms you can find on our website.


Plures Air is at your service 24/7 for Morocco based private jet charter service. We are a distinguished company that offers private jet, air ambulance, and cargo/passenger airplane charter services worldwide.
Air Ambulance Morocco
Air Ambulance Morocco service includes air ambulances that can be used for fast and effective transportations between long distances in case of medical emergencies and patient transfers. Our firm transports patients from one point to the other in a fast way with private jets equipped with medical equipment. Air Ambulance Morocco service which is called air ambulance are the planes that are used for medical emergencies.
Private Jet Charter Morocco
We offer you services with planes that have different person capacity and features on your Morocco based private jet charter demands. You can charter any of the private jets that have different person capacities such as 2, 4, 8, 10, 15 or 50 people.
We make your private jet ready to take off in as short time as 2 to 4 hours for your travel to Morocco or from Morocco to other countries. You can call our mobile support line for prices and for starting charter processes anytime you wish.

We are here to our services you need in the fastest and most reliable manner.

20 Years of Experience