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Passenger Plane Charter

20 Years of Experience


Plures Air provides private airliner charter service to its customers by continuing the duty of being a pioneer in its sector.

Airliners, literally, stand for the airplanes that were produced only to carry passenger. The very first passenger transport was made in 1919 with zeppelins. But, the transition to the modern airplanes of our day was accelerated after the zeppelin was burnt in Hiddenberg disaster in 1939. After this accident, the zeppelins were replaced by airplanes in air transport. In these years, the airplanes were developed and diversified rapidly, and especially the Boeing company took the role of being a pioneer in these years. Also the watercrafts emerged in this period, and the successful planes used to go overseas were improved in terms of model, capacity and overall speed.


Airliners that were produced to transport a large number of people and cargos are generally run by airline companies. These airplanes are bought with commercial purposes, and the earnings are desired to be increased with scheduled flights. Scheduled flights are flights that have a determined takeoff, landing spots as well as determined rotations and times. Since they are not private flights, they cannot be stretched. These airplanes takeoff from a determined airport, and they are the flights that require the passengers to be at the airport hours before the flight because of the procedures with multiple long processes such as a large number of passengers to be exposed to detailed searches and controls and luggage delivery.


Plures Air is among the first names that come to your mind in the field of private airliner charter services. Plures Air is a famous airplane charter company that has the ability to prepare its airliners with extremely high passenger capacity at your service according to your needs and with the best prices in the shortest of time. Plures Air that keeps the policy of high standard comfort in the airliner charter service as well presents to you the safest trip possibilities with economical prices. Plures Air which you can reach by phone from all around the world makes the airplane ready to use in a few hours and prepares it according to your wishes.


State personnel, ambassadors, companies that will go to an expo, companies that will go to a dealers meeting, football teams, fan groups, crowded business trips, individuals or businesses that organize a trip, courtesy calls and tour organizers can make use of airline charter service for big groups. As this service makes it easy both for you and your company, your employees can enjoy a comfortable and peaceful environment, and by this way you provide a big prestige for your company. After you chart the proper airplane for you, you can add private wishes and needs, and also you can choose your own food. With Plures Air that sees affordable prices as a must to have, you can decrease the cost of your flights noticeably.


While you save most of the time that you lose with scheduled flights with the private airliner charter service of Plures Air, you als do not have to deal with time consuming details such as researching the flight time, finding the proper day and dealing with your luggage. Plures Air which you can reach just by a phone call, plans every detail for your flight, and completely satisfies all your needs. All our passengers need to then is to be at the predetermined place 15 minutes before the flight. Plus, you do not have any difficulties that come with the scheduled flights such as paying additional fees for your extra luggage.


After you call us or fill the online request form, the cost of your private flight will be reported to you by our consultants. After we have an agreement on the budget, you will be sent a charter contract. You can send that contract you sign to us via e-mail or fax. All the details about your flight will be delivered to you. If you have any other service to add, the last minute readjustments will be made.

Plures Air which is known all around the world continues to be a pioneer and innovator company termly. Plures Air that has a personnel of experts, works with the pilots that have 3500 and more flying experiences and all certifications. Plures Air that presents a service above the world's and Turkey's flight standards, is a rooted and strong company that dominates the sector. The company that puts airliners used in private airliner charter service such as Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and Saab into service aims at determining the best option according to your needs and priorities.

Plures Air that has strong connections with many worldwide known airlines and charter companies, is a company serves around the world with its private airliner charter.

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Plures Air is at your service 24/7 for Morocco based private jet charter service. We are a distinguished company that offers private jet, air ambulance, and cargo/passenger airplane charter services worldwide.
Air Ambulance Morocco
Air Ambulance Morocco service includes air ambulances that can be used for fast and effective transportations between long distances in case of medical emergencies and patient transfers. Our firm transports patients from one point to the other in a fast way with private jets equipped with medical equipment. Air Ambulance Morocco service which is called air ambulance are the planes that are used for medical emergencies.
Private Jet Charter Morocco
We offer you services with planes that have different person capacity and features on your Morocco based private jet charter demands. You can charter any of the private jets that have different person capacities such as 2, 4, 8, 10, 15 or 50 people.
We make your private jet ready to take off in as short time as 2 to 4 hours for your travel to Morocco or from Morocco to other countries. You can call our mobile support line for prices and for starting charter processes anytime you wish.

We are here to our services you need in the fastest and most reliable manner.

20 Years of Experience