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Private Jet Questions

20 Years of Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Who wants to get this service most?

We can say the profile of our customers that travels with private jet charter service is very changeable. Everybody that wants to have a trip any time rather than waiting for scheduled flights, has their own route, likes having a snug and special trip, demands our service.

For example, businessmen, tours that organize special events, celebrities that want to have a trip away from paparazzi, deputies and ministers, and sports clubs can be shown as our customers.

2 – What are the advantages Plures Air presents?

As Plures Air, we do not only provide you a safe trip, but also plan it and deal with every detail for you. Our goal is giving a safe, quality and economic flight service.

3 – How is private jet safety controlled?

Civil aviation institutions both in our country and in Europe check and make routine controls of these jets. In that sense, we can easily say that private jets are as safe as other airplanes.

Captain pilots that work in Plures Air jets have minimum 5000 flight hour experience while assistant pilots have 1500 hours of flight experience.

4 – Could you give information about Plures Air prices?

Private jet trips are changeable flights in terms of prices and expectations of the customers. The main aspects of determining the prices are the type of the airplane, date of the flight, flight time, number of the passengers, requested services, accommodation expectations, need of hostesses, and extra bonuses that are required by insurance and route.

When you fill the request form on our website, we will contact you as soon as possible to make a plan and pricing for your flight according to your expectations.

5 – In what cases should I chart a private jet?

As some vital humanistic needs such as transferring patient in watch of medical staff, and transplantation in limited times, if you wish to have a relaxed trip before entering an important meeting, if you want to deliver a very important document about your job, if you have valuable goods commerce such as gold and diamond, or if you wish to go on a holiday or omra, then you can have private jet charter service.

6 – Does Plures Air have additional services?

As Plures Air, we are a company that targets to present catchy services to its customers. We can be with you according to your requests that include vip transfer and planning all the organizations in the location that you lodge. Such additional services are separately invoiced.

7 – Are private jet invoices included in accounting expense category?

According to tax legislation private jet charter invoices can be considered as expenses. While calculating expense/tax balances, your accountant will get the benefit of private jet invoices within legal frameworks for sure.

8 – If I get the private jet charter service, will I have privileges such as smoking, using the phone, using the internet?

Plures Air will make the plans to indulge your internet and phone wishes with special equipped airplanes if you let us know your wishes before your flight.

Since our airplanes are cleaned and ventilated after the flight, it is possible for you to smoke as well.

9 – Do I have the option to choose food and movies during my flight?

Plures Air will do everything to give you a comfortable trip. It is enough for you to let us know your movie, music and food preferences 24 hours before your flight.

10 – Will there be any surprise costs added to determined flight price?

If you do not have any special requests to be indulged in your flight, there will be no extra costs. As we mentioned before, your extra demands will be added to your invoice. For example, food and drink outside of our standard menu, VIP transfer, and organization assistance will be separately invoiced within your knowledge.

As Plures Air, we wish to be with you in many more luxurious, safe and economic flights.


Plures Air is at your service 24/7 for Morocco based private jet charter service. We are a distinguished company that offers private jet, air ambulance, and cargo/passenger airplane charter services worldwide.
Air Ambulance Morocco
Air Ambulance Morocco service includes air ambulances that can be used for fast and effective transportations between long distances in case of medical emergencies and patient transfers. Our firm transports patients from one point to the other in a fast way with private jets equipped with medical equipment. Air Ambulance Morocco service which is called air ambulance are the planes that are used for medical emergencies.
Private Jet Charter Morocco
We offer you services with planes that have different person capacity and features on your Morocco based private jet charter demands. You can charter any of the private jets that have different person capacities such as 2, 4, 8, 10, 15 or 50 people.
We make your private jet ready to take off in as short time as 2 to 4 hours for your travel to Morocco or from Morocco to other countries. You can call our mobile support line for prices and for starting charter processes anytime you wish.

We are here to our services you need in the fastest and most reliable manner.

20 Years of Experience