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Antonov 124

Cargo Aircraft Antonov 124

Antonov 124 is one of the biggest cargo aircrafts of the world ranking the 2nd on the list. A. State Aviation Plant designed the aircraft in Kiev, Ukraine. Antonov 124 was designed for the delivery of big cargos including but not limited to big engines, bulky equipments, helicopters, sattelites and soldiers to the long range destinations. An-124 completed its first flight succesfully in the December of 1982 and was presented to the public first time during the Paris Air Show. The aircraft with double stairs body, got its civil certificate in 1992. At the top deck there are cockpit and cargo personnel cabin. The bottom deck is the pressured cargo section. Cargo gates are closed by ramps. In this way the loading and disloading processes get done easily. Cranes at the ceiling enable the loading/disloading without a ground machine.

Antonov 124, initiated a new segment in the commercial cargo transportation with its high performance and capacity to carry the cargos with extra volume and weight.

An-124 can carry special cargos such as hydraulic turbines with 90 ton of weight, large cranes, mine trucks, 109 ton locomotive, wide variety of combat vehicles, Lynx anti-submarine helicopter, space craft in its container. Thanks to the design of this aircraft, we can carry a wide variety of cargo including; passengers exposed to natural disasters, tanks, special horses, private yachts, concert equipments, scout planes, pure bullions of gold. You can add any cargo to the list of what Antonov 124 can carry. Therefore, this aircraft is one of the most universal aircrafts of the aviation history.

Antonov 124 carries the cargos that cannot be delivered with other aircrafts!

Antonov 124, also know as Ruslan, carries the cargos that cannot be handled by other aircrafts. For example the granite statue from one of the ancient kingdoms was carried from Italy to Ethiopia. Marhsall Island's government greatly appreciated the delivery of 72 ton equipment that demineralizes the sea water by Antonov 124. As a matter of fact they made stamps commemorating the event. The heaviest cargo carried at once in the world was a 135.2 ton generator rotor that was carried by Antonov 124 and it was recorded in the Guinness World Records. Antonov 124 can carry cargos upto 150 ton. Cranes in the aircraft enable loading/disloading of upto 40 ton weighed cargos at once.

Your cargo is safe with Antonov 124!

Plures Air's Antonov 124 cargo aircraft is the trustable way of delivering your domestic and international cargos. Smooth service, on time delivery and 100% customer satisfaction are among the principles of Antonov 124.

Plures Air is at your service for the cargo deliveries that are not accepted by the ordinary cargo companies as well as the destinations where others cannot reach.

Do not worry about any damage, loss of your cargo as well as the late delivery problems: Plures Air's Antonov 124 delivers your cargo with no problem to the recipients at any part of the world punctually.

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Cargo Capacity: 150 Ton

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