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Challenger 604

12 Passenger Private Jet

As the developed version of Challenger 601, Challenger 604 offers a pleasing flight experience with its enlarged range, its updated systems and amended design. Challenger 604 being among the most popular jets preferred for charter flights becomes prominent with its comfortable and wide cabin and high capacity baggage. The interior atmosphere of the aircraft where the passengers feel home is composed of 2 different sitting areas.

Challenger 604 / The Capacity of 12 Passengers

Challenger 604 offers service with 2 pilots and a cabin crew for 9-12 passengers. If you would like to manage your time productively by traveling in this aircraft standing in the Heavy Jet class, you can contact with Plures Air right now. Organizing your flight with Plures Air will be a privilege that is offered to you.

The range of Challenger 604 reaching almost 7500 kilometers enable distances like between Paris and Moskow to be taken high speed. Challenger 604 also enables 8-hour-long transatlantic flights.

Fly in Challenger 604, feel different!

Your pleasure from a travel in Challenger 604 private jet in the formation of Plures Air serving internationally is under guarantee! If how you reach a destination is more important than whether you reach there or not, then you can charter Challenger 604 and enjoy the comfortable and safe travel.

If you do not want to be late for the meeting in another city or country, or to wait in a line at the airports, you can travel at high speed by chartering Challenger 604 that is ready to serve 7/24. Also, you can collect unforgettable memories with your beloved ones thanks to the special services to be offered upon request.

You can take the advantage of chartering Challenger 604 private jet and opening out the doors of the World by contacting with Plures Air.

Passenger Capacity: 9 - 12 Passengers.

Baggage Capacity: 115 ft³ – 3,26 m³

Challenger 604 having a luxury kitchen and toilet as it has a cross-continental range, also has comfort elements like hot meal, bar, DVD, music, sofa-beds. The model gets credit by passengers with its pretty low noise level.