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Citation Ambulance

Citation Bravo / 550 Ambulance Aircraft Model, is an aeromedical air ambulance you can charter from Plures Air fleet. Citation Bravo Ambulance Aircraft is on your service 24/7 with necessary medical personnel and equipment needed to transport the patient. Flight cabin houses two flight personnel and is the size of a normal plane which would house 7 people seated. Models that serve as an ambulance, Citation Bravo is transformed into a capacity to house 1 stretcher and two medical flight personnel.

Citation Bravo Ambulance Aircraft

For situations that require an air ambulance like international patient transport, patient discharge or organ transplant you can contact with Plures Air to quickly decide on an optimum solution for your needs.

Citation Jet Ambulance: Even though it cannot stop time, uses it efficiently!

Speed is the most important when the subject is health. Citation Jet ambulance within Plures Air transport patient with high speed, security and comfort and makes sure that the patient is stabilized by racing against the clock.

For patients that need to be transferred to a different location, Citation Jet ambulance is equipped with all the necessary latest technology devices that the patients will need for a safe trip and you can also charter it for organ and doctor transports.

Get in contact with Plures Air and charter a Citation jet ambulance under a doctor's supervision, don't risk the health of your loved ones!

  • Full medical devices (the craft has an intensive care unit)
  • Lifeport – Patient loading helper system
  • Medical team, 1 flying doctor + 2 or less nurses.
  • Land ambulance support during take-off and arrival.

Cessna Jet type, Citation Bravo is an excellent choice for medical transport because of its low operating cost, short range capacity and proven security.