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Citation Mustang

4 Passenger Private Jet

Produced by American Cessna Aircraft Company, 4 people Citation Mustang completed its first flight successfully in 2005. Two flight personnel capacity aircraft was certified to be flown by a single pilot. It is one of the commonly chartered aircrafts in light jet class worldwide and is credited for its aerodynamic structure by industry's authorities.

4 Person Citation Mustang

Citation Mustang is loved for its 6 windows that are big and oval which lets the passengers watch the scenery. The aircraft has one main entrance door and one emergency exit door. Even though it is mainly preferred for interprovincial flights, it can still be used for long distance trips because of its range. It is one of the favorite models for business trips because of its one pilot, economic and flexible flight pleasure. Citation Mustang: For your private trips!

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Passenger Capacity: Houses 4 passengers.

Baggage Capacity: 326 kg – 7,78 m3

You can contact Plures Air when you want to charter Citation Mustang for private or business trips.