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Embraer 145

40 / 50 Passenger Private Aircraft

Plures Air grants privilege to the travels of crowded groups with Embraer 145 passenger aircraft! Embraer 145 is the choice of the groups who prefer to be flexible on travel time, to get extra service and to travel safely.

Embraer 145 Is Flying Just For You!

If you also would like to fly combining speed, comfort and safety and to be served uniquely by an expert team, you can take advantage of charter of Embraer 145 passenger aircraft by contacting with Plures Air.

Embraer 145 passenger aircraft being allocated to you upon your request will be ready to flyaway from the airport on the requested day and hour! This is your privilege.

Manufactured by famous Brazilian Embraer, ERJ-145 is in the class of the Regional Jet (RJ). These types of aircrafts named also, as Mini jet are known for consuming less fuel and being economical and fast as well.

Embraer 145 for 50 Passengers

ERJ-145 has been flying since the year of 1995 with the capacity of 50 passengers. This trustworthy aircraft is often preferred for the charters by companies and governments in more than 80 countries over the world.

It offers cabin service and catering service with 5 editable kitchen alternatives. It has toilet inside aircraft. Seat gap of 31 inch (78,7 cm) enables each passenger to enjoy window sight or corridor comfort. People like the lack of middle seat and the seat arrangement as 2+1. Retractable panels in the heads-up cupboards enable passengers to pack large bags.

Passenger Capacity: Maximum 50 pax

The ones who make advantage of this high performance aircraft to reach their business meetings and special organizations enjoy the privilege of traveling safely and comfortably as a reflection of the prestige of their company. You can experience the privilege of flying in ER-145 by contacting with Plures Air.