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Embraer 190

100 Passenger Private Aircraft

Carrying the signature of Brazilian Embraer –among the first four greats at aircraft production- EMB 190 is used at middle and long range flights as a narrow-bodied and double-motorized jet. Its high-performance and high-production motor is quite silent. This aircraft, with the sitting arrangement of 2+2 as we are used to see at buses, has 108 seats in total. The wide seats at the width of 46,35 cm stand out as a factor increasing the comfort of the travel. As a result of binary sitting system, E 190 has wide corridor and makes the passenger wander around even during the catering service. Embraer 190, enabling a comfortable flight thanks to cabin width and height, offers the same comfort both for 20-mins-long flights or 5-hours-long flights as it has an all-purpose design.

Embraer 190 With 100 Passenger Capacity

Gaining recognition with the lack of middle seat, EMB190 offers comfort of an Airbus or a Boeing. The aircraft serves hot meal during long-range flights and is beloved with its wide seats.

Embraer 190, is Ready to Flyaway for your Group!

Aircraft charter services of Plures Air makes the crowded group's travels unique. Embraer 190 passenger flight within Plures formation is the first choice of the one who do not prefer to determine the time of their flight according to the timetable of the scheduled flights and also who wants to enjoy special service at their airports.

Sports and fan teams, tourism agencies, state authorities, institutions and organization and all other crowded groups! Reflect your difference on tour travel: in order to charter Embraer 190 passenger aircraft special for your group, you can contact with Plures 7/24 offering national and international, high quality services for years.

Passenger Capacity: 100 Passengers.

You can charter Embraer 190 via Plures Air, for private tour organizations for 100 people like collective business travels, sports meetings, and concerts. Plures Air is an outstanding aviation company providing safe and comforting flights with its sectorial experience and visionary approach.