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Gulfstream 450

14 Passenger Private Jet

If you are planning to have an experience of long range private jet flight, Gulfstream G450 will carry you 5000 miles away with its high quality and comfort. G450 is the upgraded version of popular Gulfstream G400/GIV-SP jets with updated avionic technology and electrical systems, better engine and aerodynamic improvements.

14 Passenger Private Jet Gulfstream 450

With its 5000 miles range, Gulfstream 450 connects the continents to each other easily. With its 14 passengers capacity ( For GIV-SP 13 passengers) and wide cabin, Gulfstream 450 presents a comfortable and safe trip. Functionality is the outstanding property of Gulfstream 450 by combining its long range capacity with high tonnage capacity. G450 is in the class of "the best of bests" with its high tonnage capacity and special design in its cabin configuration.

If you would like to slow the pace of the time then Gulfstream 450

It presents high level of comfort to the passengers with its wide cabin that can enable three different sections, two toilets and full kitchen design. Clean air is circulated in the G450 every two minutes. In this way, you get less tired and spend an efficient and awake flight. There is 18% less noise within the cabin with its improved systems compared to its previous model. 12 oval windows of Gulfstream 450 enables twice the amount of more light entrance to the cabin compared to those of other jets within the same class. It's 7 channel satellite communication systemt manages both the phone and modem transmissions. Aircraft has satellite phone, wirelesss local network and multifunctional printer as its standard equipments.

Chartering Gulfstream 450 from Plures Air means not losing any time during your journey and therefore having the freedom of using your time for your post flight endeavours or activities.

During your fast flight with Gulfstream 450, you will feel like at home and get priveleged services that will indulge you.

In your business trips when minutes count, or an emergency situation when you need to be right next to your beloved ones, or journeys to experience the beauties, Plures Air is at your service 7/24: Please call us and have the privileged services by chartering private jet Gulfstream 450.

Passenger Capacity: 14 -16 passengers.(6 sleeping positions)

Baggage Capacity: 169 ft³ (4,78 m³)

If you would like to fly with this high performance and prestigious jet decorated with the requests of international standards, please get in touch with the customer relations department of Plures Air and get further information 7/24.