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Hawker 400

8 Passenger Private Jet

For short or medium ranged flights, Hawker 400 XP is an excellent choice and it comes forward as a competitive choice for people that are chartering business jets. The balance it creates between speed, comfort, performance and cost makes Hawker 400 XP inviting for short trips. Private jet customers like the cabin spaciousness most about Hawker 400 XP. Jet's special design with combination of flat surface and oval shape maximizes the cabin are of utilization. Developed by Japanese Mitsubishi for the first time this model uses Fuel-efficient Pratt & Whitney JT15D-5 turbofan motors and is piloted by 2 pilots.

Hawker 400 XP / 08 Passenger Capacity

Hawker 400 XP is one of the fastest aircrafts in its own class and it is the right choice for managers that are travelling a lot. It has a sink and a bathroom. Spacious cabins provide a pleasant flight experience.

For people who treasure time, Hawker 400!

Hawker 400 private jet is now within Plures Air who has been providing services for years with 100% customer satisfaction! When you travel with Hawker 400 you will realize that time stops and the meaning of comfort, trust and speed changes for you.

You can charter Hawker 400 for any travels you have planned for work, trip or emergency situations.

If you don't want to program your travel plan based on scheduled flights, contact with Plures Air to charter Hawker 400 jet and fly whenever you desire!

Passenger Capacity: Can house 7 – 8 - 9 passengers.

Baggage Capacity: Inside and out total baggage is 53 cubic feet, approximately 1,5 m³.

When you want to bring comfort and speed to your intensive private flight programs you can get in contact with Plures Air and charter this private jet.