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Ilyushin 96

Ilyushin 96 Cargo Aircraft

Ilyushin Il-96, is a wide-bodied aircraft that is supported with 4 engines for long range flights. The aircraft was desinged by Russian Aircraft manifacturer Sergey Ilyushin to be utilized for passengers or cargos. It has 235 to 436 passenger capacity and it has its first flight in 1988 then got certified in 1992.

The aircraft has four versions for passenger flights: Il-96-300, Il-96M, Il-96-400 ve Il-96-400M as well as, 2 versions of cargo type planes: Il-96T ve Il-96-400T.

Il-96-400T cargo aircraft has 776 m³ cargo section and has the capacity to carry 92 ton. There are toilets, kitchen and beds for the crew in the aircraft.

Ilyushin Il-96, has some modifications over its previous model Il-86 such as turbofan engines, increased take off weight, wider wing span and increased fuel capacity.

Ilyushin 96 Private Cargo Aircraft Chartering Service

If you would like to get served with the world standards for your cargo shipments, Ilyushin 96 is at your service.

Ilyushin 96: The fastest and the safest

By chartering one of the Plures's cargo aircrafts, Ilyushin 96, you can assure the safe delivery of your cargos that are heavier than one package or in big pieces.

Whatever the content of your cargo might be, Ilyushin 96, serves with smooth delivery principle without loss of time or any damage on your cargo. On top of that it is very economical compared to the services it enables.

You can get in touch with Plures Air to utilize from Ilyushin 96 cargo aircraft's safe, smooth and high quality transportation services.

Cargo Capacity: 25 Ton

You can get in touch with Plures Air 7/24 to get further information about Ilyushin 96 and charter it according to your requests.