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Learjet 60 XR

6 Passenger Private Jet

Learjet 60 XR by Bombardier is among the most reliable private aircrafts thanks to its endurance, speed and agility. This legendary aircraft has proved its performance with fast climbing ability, high altitude capacity and predictable use.

7/24 Learjet 60 XR Charter Service

Its endurance under the toughest conditions and its superior range enable Learjet to lead the aero-med industry. 60/60SE/60XR models produced after the Lear 55 tradition of Bombardier are in the medium scaled jet class. This aircraft with the cabin of 5,18 meters width causes company managers to forget where they are; and thus it is called as "office in the sky" by Bombardier. Learjet 60 XR has a functional design that enables passenger to take the maximum advantage of all the specific offers of the aircraft. Learjet 60XR can reach the speed of 466 mph (766 km/h) thanks to its two powerful Pratt and Whitney PW305A turbofan motor and with this specialty it challenges other medium scaled jets in its class. The aircraft is designed for 6 passengers and 2 crews in general.

Learjet 60 XR: Its Difference is To Make Your Travel Different!

Its cabin is large. It makes the passengers have a pleasing flight experience with its practical worktable and seat design.

The travel in Plures Air's Learjet 60 XR private jet will cause you to forget about all your travels by then. Along with a travel almost stopping the time, Learjet 60 XR offers comfort and safety; that's why it is the first choice of the ones who wants to fly beyond their expectations.

Whether you fly to sign new business partnerships or to discover the world Learjet 60 XR chartered by Plures Air is always ready to flyaway whenever you want for you experience a unique travel.

Passenger Capacity: 6 Passengers.

Baggage Capacity: 1,35 m³

You can charter Learjet 60 XR for your business based or personal travel plans by contacting with Plures Air and enjoy the comforting and pleasing flight experience.